For Parents/Teachers: Headventure Land Features

Headventure Land: Welcome to our premier classical education practice site. As students are learning Latin, logic, and other classical subjects, they often don't get enough opportunities outside the classroom to put their skills to use. With a creative, engaging environment such as Headventure Land, we believe that students will enjoy practicing and strengthening their skills without the need for prompting. To ensure that environment, we have designed Headventure Land with the following features:

  • Games: Many zones include creative games to practice vocabulary, grammar, or even historical facts.
  • Videos: Most language zones include charming animated & live action tales featuring vocabulary and derivatives in the context of a story.
  • Readers: Short stories students translate into English as they follow along. Don't understand a word? Click on it and it automatically translates it for you.
  • Downloads: Some zones include fun worksheets, lapbooks, or other activities to print out and complete.

Headventure Land is also expanding to include Full Zones, which are enhanced zones with extra content and features, in addition to many of the free features described above. Each zone sold separately.

Full Zone Features:

  • Weekly Structure: All content is presented so that students can easily find what activities relate to the lessons they have completed.
  • Unlocking Content: Students complete a chapter's vocabulary, grammar, and derivative activities and gain access to specific activities, such as crossword puzzles, Vocab Invasion and more. This helps ensure a balanced understanding of the subject while also providing motivation as they progress.
  • Scores & Grades: Students and parents can reference scores and grades to gauge the students' understanding in key areas for a subject, including vocab and grammar skills. Click on "My Gradebook" to track a student's progress.
  • Access more games, videos and lapbooks only available to full zone subscribers.
  • Multiple student discounts available! Teachers interested in a group grade book for their class, contact us at 866.730.0711 ext. 1.

Full Zone Weekly Activities:

  • Fun Quizzes: Students are quizzed on their topics such as vocab words, grammar concepts and derivatives (for language zones).
  • Crossword Puzzles: Students can playfully practice their subjects again and again with randomly generated puzzles or even print them out.
  • Hidden Pictures: Students must answer vocabulary or grammar questions to reveal the picture and answer the riddle.
  • Vocab Invasion: Students must spell out the correct vocab words or face defeat in this re-themed hangman game.
  • Lap Books (Master Plan): Downloadable PDF activities for students to print, cut out, and assemble into lap books.
  • Videos and Games: Often tied with the completion of a unit of study, there are more videos and games in incentivize students to continue their study and practice.
  • Badges, Certificates: Rewards for students as they progress through the year.

1 Year SubscriptionIf you are logged in, you can subscribe to one of these full zones:

Multiple Student Discounts Available Here

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