Headventure Land: If you are an existing fan of Headventure Land, we made this handy cheat sheet to help you quickly learn all the changes and how to find your favorite content.

What’s still free?

Most everything that was free is still free (yes, Flash Dash is free!). The only two items that now are included in the paid subscription are episodes 4-8  of The Tale of Two Princesses and Chart Challenge in the Latin for Children Primer A Zone.

We’ve added MORE FREE stuff! The first three chapters of the Latin for Children Full Zone are free. This includes: The Octavian 1 game, the first Raining Cats & Dogs game, 60 vocab questions, 30 grammar questions, 30 derivatives questions,  crossword puzzles, vocab invasions, hidden picture reveals, 4 VC activities (3 pieces of the lapbook), and a slide decoder. 

What's new?

The paid Latin for Children A Zone contains many new games (such as Octavian and Vocab Invasion), lapbook activity downloads, crossword puzzles, secret agent code cracking, hidden pictures, visual vocab, award badges, and more. For more info about these exciting new features, check our Parent/Teacher page.

How do I find my favorite game, video, etc.?

The new Headventure Land site is organized to make it easier to find what you want. All activities are grouped by the book that they go with. For example, all videos, games, and extras for Song School Latin, Book 1 can be found in the zone by the same name.

In the full Latin for Children A Zone, the activities are all sorted by unit and chapter. This will allow you to easily find what content goes with the specific chapter or unit you are presently studying or have already finished. You can also access the Backpack, which holds all of the activities for the zone, organized by type, such as games or crossword puzzles.

Why are there locks on many of the activities?

The structure of the Latin for Children A Zone is designed to help students practice their skills as they progress through the book. Each unit begins with the first several activities unlocked (so they can start from any unit, if they need to), and as the student completes one activity the next one will be unlocked. This serves as motivation and encouragement, and also helps the student from feeling overwhelmed by too many choices at once.

Why are you charging for Latin for Children Primer A full zone??

In order for HeaventureLand.com to continue, to be maintained and further developed, some things needed to change.  So we invested in a new platform and hundreds of hours (maybe even more!) of our developers’ time to create new, more engaging, and fun content that helps children be excited to learn Latin! A classical language does not have to be dry and boring – we want it to become alive for the student and reach them in creative, relevant ways.  This takes an investment of time, resources, and money. We think your students will LOVE these new games and activities and why not make screen time educational!

To access the full Latin for Children A Zone with all the new features: Subscribe Now

Last modified: Wednesday, October 8, 2014, 2:55 PM